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Whether talking to a friend on your mobile device, or to a virtual assistant at a call center, you expect your speech to be understood. In today’s increasingly mobile world, background noise often gets in the way of clear communication. OmniClear™ delivers highest quality noise reduction, allowing for superior and natural voice quality and intelligibility across multiple platforms.

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OmniClear’s innovative noise reduction technology enhances both near-end and far-end speech in mobile devices, enhances performance of speech recognition applications, and improves voice quality in a variety of IP communications platforms. All this offered in a software-only solution requiring no additional hardware, enhancing design flexibility and reducing production costs.

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Based on groundbreaking research on the physiology of human speech, OmniClear’s innovative software-only solution identifies the speech signal and separates it from the background noise, resulting in highest quality voice communication.

Hear OmniClear in action.
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