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Despite the proliferation of compelling apps and content for mobile devices, the most important feature remains voice – and high quality voice is paramount. OmniClear M's unique single microphone solution provides high quality noise reduction comparable to leading multi-microphone solutions. Its software-only design enables OEMs to enjoy reduced costs and increased design flexibility by requiring fewer microphones and no additional hardware. In addition, because OmniClear only needs one signal, it can effectively filter both outgoing and incoming noise, improving call quality not just for the person you’re talking to, but also for the originating caller. Also, note that the effectiveness of more expensive multi-microphone solutions is canceled when consumers use Bluetooth headsets or speakerphones which bypass the internal noise reduction solution, whereas the OmniClear solution continues to perform.

OmniClear M – the clear choice for affordable, flexible, and high quality noise reduction.

► Highest voice quality in noisy environments

► Pure software solution – requires only one microphone

► Dynamic (non-stationary and stationary) noise suppression in both transmit and receive mode

► Low cost solution can be deployed on all device segments – mobile phones, tablets, laptops, headsets and VOIP gateway devices

► Architected for ease of integration with DSP/ARM-based processors

► No additional hardware required, reducing BOM cost and enhancing design flexibility

► Small memory footprint – enables easy implementation on existing platforms

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