VoIP Providers

As a provider of VoIP services, you know that consumers often tie the perceived quality of your service to the quality of the device used to access it. While many devices contain noise reduction solutions, you need to ensure the highest voice quality regardless of the device used by your customers. Integrating OmniClear into your VoIP offering enables your customers to have clear conversations and intelligible speech, whether they are calling from a mobile phone, laptop, tablet or other IP communications device.OmniSpeech offers two OmniClear software solutions to reduce background noise for VoIP applications: OmniClear M can be integrated into the application and stored on the mobile device; OmniClear X can be accessed via the cloud. OmniSpeech’s single microphone solution can be used for noise reduction on any device used to access your VoIP service. Whether you’re providing videoconferencing, broadcasting, or other IP communications applications, integrating the OmniClear/ X solution will ensure your customers are able to speak and be understood, even in noisy environments.

► Highest voice quality in noisy environments

► Low cost, pure software solution

► Can be integrated over-the-top with existing solutions

► Small memory footprint – enables easy implementation on existing platforms

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