Our innovative, software-only speech extraction solution, OmniClear M is optimized for the demanding requirements of embedding on a DSP, enabling highest voice quality in mobile devices, even in single-microphone designs.

Based on OmniSpeech’s breakthrough speech extraction technology, OmniClear M provides the highest quality background noise reduction for near-end and far-end speech in mobile devices. A software-only solution, the innovation in OmniClear technology is its ability to use speech-specific algorithms to identify speech and separate it from dynamic noise. The software-only architecture allows rapid and easy integration into existing and new smartphone and feature phone platforms. OmniClear offers superior and natural voice quality and intelligibility without any additional hardware, enabling manufacturers to minimize bill of materials cost and enhance design flexibility.

For Mobile Device and Chipset Manufacturers:

m  Highest voice quality in noisy environments

m  Pure software solution: requires only one microphone

m  Dynamic (non-stationary and stationary)

noise suppression in both transmit and receive mode

m Delivers more natural sound: noise is suppressed, not distorted

m Clear and intelligible near– and far– end speech in noisy environments, providing clarity for both parties

m  Low cost solution deployable on all device segments – mobile phones, tablets, laptops, headsets, VOIP gateway 

m  Easy integration with DSP/ARM-based processors

m No additional hardware required, reducing BOM cost and enhancing design flexibility

m  Small memory footprint: enables easy implementation on existing platforms and preserves battery life

m  Can be implemented in conjunction with existing noise

m Low processing load: can be implemented even on entry-level feature phones

For Mobile Network Operators and End Users:

Reduces voice footprint, incrementally saving network bandwidth

m Enhances customer satisfaction by enabling high quality voice communication in noisy environments