Our innovative speech extraction solution optimizes the performance of voice-enabled applications in noisy environments, regardless of user device and can be seamlessly implemented as a software library into existing server infrastructure.

Based on OmniSpeech’s breakthrough speech extraction technology, OmniClear X provides the highest quality background noise reduction and speech enhancement, delivering superior voice quality and intelligibility. OmniClear enhances the performance of speech recognition solutions in noisy environments, significantly improving user interaction with voice- enabled applications. As a software-only solution with a small memory footprint and minimal latency, OmniClear allows for rapid and easy over-the-top integration into existing platform solutions. As voice increasingly becomes the interface of choice, OmniClear provides users the confidence of knowing they can take full advantage of today’s sophisticated applications regardless of background noise.

For VoIP Communications Providers:

m Highest voice quality in noisy environments

m Low cost, software-only solution

Can be integrated over-the-top with existing solutions

m Small memory footprint – easy implementation on existing platforms

For ASR/IVR Providers:

m Significantly improves speech recognition engine accuracy, whether application is accessed via a mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or laptop

m Reduced call abandonment rate

Increased application usage

For End Users:

m Improved use of, and interaction with, voice-enabled applications in noisy environments

m Enhancement also realized when using hands-free accessories that bypass embedded noise suppression solutions