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Our Mission Is Clear

At OmniSpeech®, we're on a mission to eliminate noise and improve the quality of voice communication. To speak and be understood.®

OmniSpeech was founded by world-renowned speech scientist and electrical engineer, Dr. Carol Espy-Wilson. Based on decades of research into acoustic phonetics, speech production and speech perception, OmniSpeech takes a novel approach to the challenge of ensuring clear speech in noisy environments.


OmniSpeech's groundbreaking speech extraction technology, OmniClear®, reduces virtually all background noise and improves voice intelligibility on any platform or device. Renowned for its low latency real-time processing and low power consumption, OmniClear is available in a wide array of hardware and software configurations.


OmniSpeech is a graduate of the VentureAccelerator program at the University of Maryland and is located in UMD’s Technology Ventures Building. OmniSpeech is a CDL Atlanta graduate and currently an Accelerate partner in the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC). Since its founding, OmniSpeech has garnered a number of prestigious technology awards and licensing contracts with fortune 500 companies.

OmniSpeech leadership team

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