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Eliminating noise in any app, device, or environment. 

OmniSpeech Features

Superior Noise Suppression

AI deep learning algorithms that outperform existing noise suppression solutions and get better over time. Next-gen algorithms enhance speech clarity and automatic speech recognition on any  app and device. 

Low Latency & Low Power Consumption

OmniSpeech's low power consumption is ideal for wireless headsets and other battery operated devices. Low latency for real-time processing provides stability and performance in a wide range of VolP + other communication apps 

Flexible Configurations

OmniSpeech works seamlessly with software or hardware in single or multi-microphone configurations. Work with us to integrate OmniSpeech's patented technology into a wire range of processors (Intel/AMD, ARM, DSP), SoCs, and operating systems; in the edge or on the cloud.

Dedicated Technical and Business Support

Our world-class team of technical and business resources work tirelessly with your team to integrate OmiSpeech technology in your product or service. We're with you every step of the way from product ideation to algorithm development, quality assurance to go-to-market planning, and more.  

OmniSpeech Integrates With
Any Device or App

To learn how OmniSpeech's patented noise suppression technology can be integrated into your device or app, please contact us below.

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