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Leadership Team

Years of experience, learning every day. 


Dr. Carol Espy-Wilson
Founder & CTO

Prz_Profile Pic.png

David Przygoda
Chief Executive Officer


Reggie Van Lee
Executive Chairman

Dr. Espy-Wilson founded OmniSpeech with assistance from the Venture Accelerator Program at the University of Maryland. Dr. Espy-Wilson is also Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Director of the Speech Communication Lab, and a member of the Institute for Systems Research at UMD. A world-renowned engineer, Dr. Espy-Wilson conducts pioneering research integrating engineering, linguistics, and speech science. The idea for OmniSpeech originated from decades of research into the physiology of human speech. She has won numerous awards, including the National Institutes of Health Independent Scientist Award, University of Maryland's Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Award, and the National Science Foundation Minority Initiation Award.

Prior to joining Omni-Speech as CEO in 2022, David “Prz” Przygoda founded Adventures Consulting, a full-service management, marketing, and strategic partnerships consulting agency focused on supporting early-stage technology executives. Prior to that, Mr. Przygoda served as CMO of Antares Audio Technology (makers of Auto-Tune), successfully rebranding the company, launching a myriad of strategic technology partnerships, and the company’s first-ever D2C SaaS offering. Prior to Antares, Mr. Przygoda served in various marketing, business development, and strategic partnership roles at audio and entertainment technology companies including THX, Pandora, and SiriusXM - primarily working on driving the adoption of audio technology in automotive and consumer electronics applications. Mr. Przygoda earned his BS in Business from Penn State University and an MBA & MS in e-Business Technology from the University of Maryland.

Reggie Van Lee was previously a Senior Partner from Booz Allen Hamilton where, across his 32 year career there, he led and held P&L responsibility for several of the firm’s technology-based businesses and practice areas, including the US Telecommunications business and the US Computers and Electronics business.  In 2008, Mr. Van Lee was awarded Black Engineer of the Year and currently serves as a director at ProKarma, a global IT solutions company; as a senior advisor to DeepLabs, a technology platform which enables next generation risk services; and chairs the advisory board of JazzNetworks, a behavior analytics and data loss prevention firm.  He is also a Limited Partner in the Women’s Venture Capital Fund, among other small business investments.

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