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OmniSpeech Announced as Co-Winner of FTC Voice Cloning Challenge

Proposes New Technology to Detect AI Generated Audio for Consumer and Enterprise Security

College Park, MD — OmniSpeech, the voice AI technology company on a mission to improve voice experiences in any app, device, or environment has won an open challenge presented by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to protect consumers against voice clones and deep fake AI generated audio.

Voice cloning technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated due to improving text-to-speech AI. While this technology offers promise, including medical assistance for people who may have lost their voices due to accident or illness, and increased workplace productivity, it also poses significant risk. Individuals and businesses can be targeted with fraudulent extortion scams; creative professionals, such as voice artists, can have their voices appropriated in ways that threaten their livelihoods and/or deceive the public, and current voice biometric systems are subject to unauthorized access.

The FTC’s exploratory challenge was designed to encourage the development of multidisciplinary approaches—from technology to policies to procedures—aimed at protecting consumers from AI-enabled voice cloning harms, such as fraud and the broader misuse of biometric data and creative content. The ultimate goal of the challenge was to foster breakthrough ideas on preventing, monitoring, and evaluating malicious voice cloning.

"Winning the FTC voice cloning challenge is a significant achievement for OmniSpeech and a testament to our team's commitment to leveraging AI to improve customer’s voice experiences. This award reaffirms our dedication to developing cutting-edge technology that not only advances AI voice capabilities but also prioritizes the safety and security of consumers against the latest in nefarious use cases. By participating in the FTC challenge and emerging as a winner, we have demonstrated OmniSpeech's ability to conceptualize comprehensive technical solutions — including innovative technology, policies, and standards. OmniSpeech looks forward to partnering with hardware and software developers, policy makers, and research institutions to enhance consumer and corporate protection, foster innovation, and implement best-in-class voice AI technology. On behalf of OmniSpeech, let me say we are extremely grateful to the FTC for hosting this challenge and selecting OmniSpeech as one of the winners. We look forward to working across government agencies and the private sector - with device manufacturers and developers - to bring next-gen voice AI technology to market."

David Przygoda | CEO, OmniSpeech

As AI technology continues to evolve, so does the sophistication of AI-generated speech, making it increasingly challenging to distinguish between human and machine-generated voices. In fact, it takes as little as three seconds of human speech to generate AI generated speech models that are indistinguishable to the human ear. OmniSpeech is committed to addressing this challenge head-on, offering robust solutions for voice authentication and security applications.

OmniSpeech is currently conducting additional R & D into this new technology and exploring strategic partnerships to bring this and other innovative voice AI technology to market. OmniSpeech single microphone voice AI algorithms are known for their audio quality and other device-specific performance including low latency, CPU and memory usage, and impact to battery-powered devices. Applicable markets include aerospace and defense, consumer and enterprise electronics, VoIP, and more.

For prospective customer/partnership inquiries, contact OmniSpeech at

For media inquiries, contact Carmen Burke at ###

About OmniSpeech - OmniSpeech is a leading developer of AI voice technology including noise suppression. OmniSpeech’s groundbreaking speech extraction technology provides the highest quality background noise reduction and speech enhancement available, and with flexible implementation methods, can deliver superior voice quality on any app or device. OmniSpeech is a graduate of the Venture Accelerator program at the University of Maryland OmniSpeech is a CDL Atlanta graduate and currently an Accelerate partner in the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC). Since its founding, OmniSpeech has garnered a number of prestigious technology awards and licensing contracts with Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit:

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