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OmniSpeech Joins the Arm Partner Program and optimizes for Arm platforms

Updated: Mar 6

Providing Next-Gen AI Voice Algorithms to Better Serve Automotive, Consumer Electronics, and IoT Customers

College Park, MD — OmniSpeech, the AI voice technology company on a mission to remove noise and improve voice quality across any app, device, or environment, announced today it has joined the Arm® Partner Program as an AI voice technology provider and is optimizing existing and future algorithms for Arm-based platforms.

Through this new partnership, OmniSpeech will collaborate with Arm to optimize performance of OmniSpeech AI noise suppression algorithms on Arm platforms and explore opportunities to leverage Arm’s extensive network of device manufacturers with the goal of proliferating next-gen AI voice technology throughout the Automotive, Consumer Electronics, and IoT ecosystem.

OmniSpeech AI noise suppression algorithms are available on Arm Cortex®-M based cores, which enable partners to build the most sophisticated variety of MCUs and embedded SoCs. It has been designed to deliver a very high level of performance, while maintaining the excellent responsiveness and ease-of-use of the Arm architecture. Its industry leading high-performance and flexible system interfaces are ideal for a wide variety of application areas including automotive, industrial automation, medical devices, high-end audio, image and voice processing, sensor fusion and motor control.

OmniSpeech is expected to announce availability of existing low latency AI noise suppression algorithms on Arm Cortex-A cores later this year collaborate closely with Arm to make next-gen AI speech quality and noise suppression algorithms available on Arm’s latest platforms, including Cortex-M85, Cortex-M55, and the Arm Ethos™ line of machine learning processors.

"OmniSpeech remains committed to optimizing our existing and next-gen AI/ML technology for the leading automotive, CE, and IoT embedded platforms. Leveraging Arm’s existing and next-gen platforms, OmniSpeech can better deliver our best-in-class AI noise suppression. We are grateful to the Arm team for the ongoing support and welcoming us into their partner program with the shared goal of advancing next-gen AI/ML audio technology to our mutual customers."

David Przygoda | CEO, OmniSpeech

OmniSpeech's technology focuses on superior noise suppression through AI deep learning algorithms, enhancing speech clarity and automatic speech recognition across various apps and devices. It offers low latency and low power consumption ideal for wireless headsets and other devices. Additionally, OmniSpeech technology provides flexible configurations, seamlessly integrating with software or hardware in varying microphone setups, and offers dedicated technical and business support for integration​.

"The rise of edge AI in markets ranging from wireless headsets to high-end audio means developers need access to algorithms that will enhance next-generation voice applications,” said Kevin Ryan, senior director, partner ecosystem marketing at Arm. “As a member of the Arm Partner Program, OmniSpeech will be able to support an extensive ecosystem of developers with advanced AI and ML audio technology."

Kevin Ryan | Senior Director, Partner Ecosystem Marketing, Arm

For prospective customer inquiries, contact OmniSpeech at

For media inquiries, contact Carmen Burke at ###

About OmniSpeech - OmniSpeech is a leading developer of AI voice technology including noise suppression. OmniSpeech’s groundbreaking speech extraction technology provides the highest quality background noise reduction and speech enhancement available, and with flexible implementation methods, can deliver superior voice quality on any app or device. OmniSpeech is a graduate of the Venture Accelerator program at the University of Maryland OmniSpeech is a CDL Atlanta graduate and currently an Accelerate partner in the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC). Since its founding, OmniSpeech has garnered a number of prestigious technology awards and licensing contracts with Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit:

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