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Soundskrit & OmniSpeech Partner to Deliver Next-Gen Voice Experience for Edge Devices

Gives next-gen microphone path demo at CES 2024 at the Venetian in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada — OmniSpeech, the AI voice technology company on a mission to remove noise and improve voice quality on any app, device, or environment, and Soundskrit, a company on a mission to bring next generation microphone technologies to consumer electronic devices announced today a strategic technology partnership to empower voice experiences on edge devices. 

Leveraging a directional microphone from Soundskrit, and OmniSpeech’s next-gen AI noise suppression algorithm, the companies were able to reduce background speech by >30 dB compared to the speaker.

Use Cases and Benefits

The combination of OmniSpeech AI algorithms and Soundskrit directional microphones are ideal for low-power consumer electronics such as headphones and IoT devices.

With directionality built in at the hardware level, Soundskrit’s microphones bring the power of traditional 2-microphone omnidirectional arrays into a single device. By combining this with OmniSpeech’s next-gen algorithm, running on the edge, device manufactures can achieve:

  • Unmatched Background Noise Removal: A combination of software and hardware excels in isolating speech from unwanted background noise and interfering speakers, ensuring crystal-clear voice reception in even the noisiest environments.

  • Low Power Consumption: Reduced number of microphones and a highly efficient algorithm deliver superior performance without draining battery

  • Low Processing Resources Required: Runs on resource constrained DSPs, providing flexibility in chip selection for the device manufacturers. Readily available for ARM, Cadence, Qualcomm, and other leading DSPs.

  • Low Latency Processing: Surpasses even the most stringent latency requirements for real-time processing

  • Seamless Integration: Designed with flexibility in mind, OmniSpeech and Soundskrit technologies can be easily integrated into existing or next-gen edge devices 

  • Flexible configurations: Single and multi-microphone designs available based on end product requirements

Revolutionary AI Noise Suppression Paired with the Best-In-Class MEMS Microphones:

"We’ve been extremely impressed with the audio quality results when combining Soundskrit’s directional dipole microphones with OmniSpeech’s latest AI noise suppression algorithms. This combination gives edge device manufactures an ideal solution for high performing audio on small footprint edge devices." 

David Przygoda | CEO, OmniSpeech

"The best audio performance is going to come from a combination of innovations in both hardware and software. OmniSpeech is able to eliminate a tremendous amount of background noise very efficiently. By providing their algorithms with a cleaner input from our directional microphones, the two technologies stack up on one another to provide an overall great listening experience.  " 

Sahil Gupta | VP Product, Soundskrit

Click here to learn more about Soundskrit’s directional microphones:

Meet the OmniSpeech and Soundskrit teams at CES:

OmniSpeech and Soundskrit are inviting forward-thinking edge device manufacturers to connect with our teams at CES 2024. For a demo or to discuss future edge device product collaboration contact OmniSpeech at or Soundskrit at

Our teams are also available for meetings at our shared suite at the Venetian Resort, the Audio Sync AI/Audio/Music meet up at the Cosmopolitan, or by one-off appointment.


About OmniSpeech - OmniSpeech is a leading developer of AI voice technology including noise suppression. OmniSpeech’s groundbreaking speech extraction technology provides the highest quality background noise reduction and speech enhancement available, and with flexible implementation methods, can deliver superior voice quality on any app or device. OmniSpeech is a graduate of the Venture Accelerator program at the University of Maryland OmniSpeech is a CDL Atlanta graduate and currently an Accelerate partner in the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC). Since its founding, OmniSpeech has garnered a number of prestigious technology awards and licensing contracts with Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit:

About Soundskrit - Soundskrit is an audio technology company whose cutting-edge hardware and software is paving the way for consumer audio experiences in the future. Their mission is to bring the next generation of high-performance audio-enabled experiences to consumer devices. No more interrupted calls, distorted voice processing, or noise cancellation that lets every surrounding sound in - Soundskrit is evolving the human listening experience so consumers can hear the impossible.

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